Hello, You found Me!

You made it to the right place.  I'm super excited to meet you, and I'm sure you feel the exact same way about me.

I take pride and value my time.  I'm highly selective with whom I spend my precious time.  

Your curiosity has lead you to the right place. I hope you're feeling excited because I am too. A few things: without exception, I require all first-time friends to be screened. Information given for screening is to verify you are whom you say you are and for my safety. I value our discretion. My identity is essential to me, which is why my face is hidden.


PLEASE NOTE: A deposit is required to reserve for all first-time friends.


You may fill out the form, or email me your information.


Please do not skip any screening questions are I may have to disregard your email for that very reason. 

I look forward to hearing from you darling, please don't be shy.

"You can have many "Luxury" items in life, but the difference is made by the spirit with whom you share them with and the way you gratefully appreciate them." 


- Ava

Verification Form

You may copy, paste and send directly to my email: AVADIOR@PROTONMAIL.COM

Most don’t care to fill out long forms.  I totally understand, so I wanted to streamline and simplify the screening process for everyone.

Applications will be forever there.  Like for example when you apply for a job, or when you go to your doctor’s office.  Everyone must fill out the application to reserve an appointment with me.


Legal Name:


Photo: (Please attach a current photo of only you)

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

Preferred Method of Contact: (Text, Phone Call, Email)

Your Email address:  (Please double check to make sure it’s correct)

Work Verification: (Company name, Company website/Linkedin)

Appointment Details: MM/DD/YEAR

Duration: (Example ..Hours/Which is listed on Investment page)

Time:  HH:MM (AM OR PM)

Luxury/Upscale Address:

Model Reference: Please provide the name, email, and website for the reputable model you’ve seen.

Model Reference #1:

If you don’t have a model reference please upload a copy of your ID/Passport or work badge.

How Did you Find Me:

RSVP Cancellation Policy

By contacting me you agree that cancellations made under 24 hours of notice for any reason require a $400 cancellation fee before future rebookings.  I reserve the right to cancel an appointment at any time, without a refund if I feel disrespected or unsafe.  One or more cancellations without 24hrs notice & payment of $400 cancellation fee, will result in immediate blacklisting.  No further bookings will be allowed.

Thank you for visiting my site!

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